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Kindly Reminder: Our factory manufacture environmental friendly rhinestones,including:flat back rhinestones,point back rhinstones,can sew on,glue on,claw on or hot fix, widely use in garment,shoes,bags,jewel,and so on....
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Usage=>1.Make holes sew on; 2.Sticky with glue; 3.Fixed with claw; 4.Processed into hotfix diamond=>Used in Garment,shoe&hat,jewel, bag...
sew on glass stone with holes->Baoyi Rhinestones|Gemstones manufacture:lead free rhinestone,resin diamond,point back rhinestone,point back diamond,chaton-
  Baoyi Rhinestones|Gemstones:crystal rhinestone|resin diamond|crystal|chain|gemstone|trim     => Flat back rhinestone   => sew on glass stone with holes Sortord:
Flat back rhinestone  Classification
sew on glass stone with holes
No holes glass stone
Flat Back resin rhinestone
sew on resin beads
cut surface resin rhinestones
frosting all star resin rhinestones
resin rhinestones color
plating back resin rhinestones
printing pattern
coral resin rhinestones
solid effect resin rhinestones
transparent resin rhinestones
Spring effect resin rhinestones
crack effect resin rhinestones
jelly effect resin rhinestones
AB colour resin rhinestones
silver paper resin rhinestones
dream colour resin rhinesones
cowry effect resin rhinestones
xuanjing effect resin rhinestones
leopard design resin rhinestones
xuancai effect resin rhinestones
zebra-stripe resin rhinestones
thin leopard resin stones
frosting resin rhinestones
concave all star resin rhinestones
resin barrette
irregular shape all star resin stone
hexagon resin rhinestones
shoe shape all star diamond
starstones all star diamond
shoe shape and flower resin
Mixture color diamond
nailhead resin rhinestones
convex all star resin rhinestones
mirror surface resin stones
big holes resin rhinestones
Imitated glass resin stone
Color Design for all star rhinestones
hollow resin rhinestones
round resin rhinestones
square resin rhinestones
rectangel resin rhinestones
heart shape resin rhinestones
oval resin rhinestones
horse eye shape resin stones
drop shape resin rhinestones
triangle resin rhinestones
quincunx resin rhinestones
diamond resin rhinestones
trapezoid resin rhinestones
dolioform resin rhinestones
irregular shape resin stones
sew on glass stone with holes   latest product
No this product
sew on glass stone with holes  sale rank
No product
sew on glass stone with holesAttention rank
No this product
bargainsew on glass stone with holesProduct
No this product
sew on glass stone with holes

square garment dimaond with holes,sew on square glass stones
sew on glass gemstones,triangle glass stone with hole
sew on strip dimaond,AB glass with holes
sew on boat shape glass stones,shuttle glass with holes
sew on rectangle glass rhinestone,rectangle glass diamond with holes
sew on glass stones,sharp face with holes
oval crystal with holes,oval crystal with holes
leaf shape crystal with holes,sew on leaf glass beads
knfie shape glass with holes,sew on glass stones
sew on glass diamond,drop glass stone wiht holes
sew irregular rhinestone,irregular rhinestones with hole
crystal diamond with holes

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